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These new models come with Step Tracker, which can be configured to automatically start counting your steps whenever you start walking or running.

The watch comes with a 3-axis accelerometer that starts counting your steps automatically when you start moving while using it. A step count graph on the display shows the steps you have already taken, your rate of reaching step goals and the number of days it took you to reach them. You can also keep a history of the step count from the last seven days. This and more make these watches the perfect tools to help you manage your health and exercise. The memory can store up to 200 lap / split time records. During elapsed time measurement, you can display how much time has passed and the current time of day. In addition, an LED light makes it easy to read.

The end of the bracelet is curved to help attach the watch to the wrist, and the bracelet has more holes to assist in adjusting and improving the fit.

A large front button, together with tactile reference lugs at the top and bottom of the screen, allow for easier and trouble-free operation when on the move. Everything about these watches was designed to meet the modern needs of today's runners.

  • Step goal achievement rate
  • Step counting using a three-axis accelerometer
  • Step count graph
  • 200 lap data records
  • LED light
  • Water resistant to 100 meters
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