Square Design BABY-G, Now Smaller for Even Better Fit

TOKYO, April 8, 2022 — Casio Computer Co., Ltd. announced today new additions to the BABY-G line of women’s shock-resistant watches, the BGD-565/BGD-565S, with the classic square design in a thinner, more compact size for a better fit.

With the BGD-565/BGD-565S, Casio achieves a smaller, thinner watch, while retaining the ever-popular iconic square design. The case is 2.6mm shorter, 2.1mm narrower, and 1.2mm slimmer* for a more comfortable wrist fit. From the development stage, Casio incorporated the fashions and preferences of teenagers, the target BABY-G demographic, to design a model perfectly suited to the teen lifestyle. The size and colors rated most highly in multiple discussions with teenagers on usage scenarios and comfort were selected.

* Compared to the BGD-560

The BGD-565 features basic monotone color schemes to easily coordinate with a wide range of fashions throughout the year. Available in three colors — matte black, white, and the new subtle pink beige — with case, band, and face all sharing the same monochromatic color scheme. The BGD-565S features a translucent look that adds a refreshing accent to any outfit. With its simple design and color scheme, this versatile model works with any outfit and any occasion.